Adhesives for uncompromising
personal protection.

We are living in a time characterized by numerous local conflicts with daily reports of violent disruptions shown in the news all across the world. The majority of these cases are asymmetric conflict situations, which demand increasing defence and protection activities from individual armies. A major challenge in this area is the ballistic protection of civil and military armoured vehicles.
These constantly changing threats lead to extremely high performance requirements of modern ballistic protection solutions. A controlled transformation of the kinetic energy, generated by projectiles, IEDs, RPGs, mines, blasts, and/or fragments require highly complex solutions for the ballistic protection of vehicles and personal protection systems.

Ballistic Performance, weight and climate requirements demand the highest level of knowledge, flexibility, creativity and material knowledge from R & D teams. The intelligent composition of a wide range of anti-ballistic high-tech materials such as: UHMWPE, aramid, steel, ceramics, glass and carbon plays the decisive role.
Controlled deformation and de-laminating of the ballistic protection on one side, high adhesion and strength with simultaneous elasticity on the other side, are the decisive criteria in the development of ballistic protective solutions.

Overall performance is determined by choosing an appropriate adhesive system and applying it correctly to the protective packages. As an innovation-driven and experienced company, Pontacol AG uses its extensive expertise, awareness and strong market reputation for various adhesive technologies. Pontacol is a highly dynamic corporation and industry leader dedicated to market needs for ballistic protection. With years of verifiable industry experience, Pontacol has retained long-term partnerships and continuously develops first-class products to satisfy production demands as we understand what our customers need to meet today’s high demand in protection.

Reactive adhesives for personal protection

Maximum protection when it's needed: Pontacol reactive adhesives.

Pontacol's reactive adhesives provide for the highest possible safety in extreme situations. They are therefore used when ballistics and personal protection need to be taken into consideration – they provide maximum protection in life-threatening circumstances.

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