Technology: added value for your products.

Our knowledge, experience and innovativeness enable us to influence the developments of tomorrow. Thanks to our high-quality design processes, our products are regarded as a benchmark in the international market when it comes to the development of premium adhesive films.

Our technologies enable us to develop adhesive films that satisfy the most stringent requirements. It gives rise to solutions with added value for your products.

Fail-proof bonding of incompatible materials

Pontacol multilayer films with and without barrier layers are the adhesive of choice for bonding incompatible materials such as polypropylene to polycarbonate and polyethylene to PVC.

Adhesive solutions for dependable manufacturing processes

Single- and multilayer films supplied by Pontacol can be custom-produced – to suit the required dimensions, quantities and raw materials. As such, they form the basis for dependable and reproducible manufacturing processes.

Air-permeable adhesive films: for soft-feel textiles

Slit-film, air-permeable adhesives supplied by Pontacol give textiles a soft feel and ensure dependable manufacturing processes.

Durable: still bonds as strongly after years as on the first day

The extreme durability of Pontacol adhesive films guarantees an excellent shelf life as well as unchanging adhesive properties over extended periods.

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