Adhesive films: Ranging from single- to multi-layered.

Pontacol Mono-layer Adhesive Films, easy to handle
Pontacol mono-layer adhesive films are liner-free, heat-activated adhesives supplied on a roll. Skillfully designed with our customer in mind, Pontacol films can easily be handled at room temperature without leaving a residue and can be re-positioned during the application, minimizing production waste whilst coating and lamination of substrates. Decades of development and application expertise define our product portfolio. This Know How enables us to offer adhesive films for a wide-range of substrates, processing temperatures and heat resistances.

Pontacol Multilayer adhesive films: the best choice for problematic substrates
Our multilayer adhesive films are the perfect solution for incompatible substrates. They enable problematic or non-compatible substrate combinations to be bonded one to another. For example, incompatible polypropylene and polycarbonate can easily be bonded by using a co-extruded multilayer film and without the need of a primer.

Data of Sheet Films / Blow Films / Slit Films
Weight: 10g/m2 to 500g/m2
Width: 10 mm to 3000 mm
Carrier free, Siliconpaper carrier, PE-carrier
EVA, EAA, ethylene terpolymers

Composite applications

For long-term use: Pontacol standard adhesive films.

Weather-resistant and strong adhesive films for long-term use in composite applications. Find out more about this on our application page.

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Protection applications

Personal protection in extreme situations: Pontacol standard adhesive films

The protection of life and limb tolerates no compromises. Visit our application page to learn how Pontacol standard adhesive films provide maximum protection.

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