Reactive Adhesives: uncompromising protection

The reactive Pontacol silane hybrid adhesives combine the specific properties of silane-based adhesives and high-strength 2C PUR or epoxy adhesives in a single product. This helps to fulfil the stringent requirements imposed on highly stressed joints in load-bearing metal, cladding and automotive parts. Pontacol Reactive Adhesives are none the less extremely strong, flexible, sound-absorbing and are, weather, shock, and vibration-resistant. Providing benefits from a wide adhesion spectrum allows high-strength, elastic bonds to be formed between materials with different properties such as thermal expansion co-efficient and surface finishes. Reactive adhesives therefore have the capacity to absorb a high amount of energy during an impact.

Protection applications

When safety is the be-all and end-all: Pontacol reactive adhesives.

The protection of life and limb tolerates no compromises. Visit our application page to learn how Pontacol reactive adhesives offer safety at critical moments.

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