Adhesive films for textiles with
high performance requirements.

Pontacol adhesive films are developed specifically for the textile market, satisfying the most stringent requirements. Thanks to ECO Passport certification, users can place their trust in harmless health products that have been manufactured in an eco-friendly production process.

Breathable Membranes: enhancement of textiles for sports, outdoor and urban wear
Pontacol membranes base on TPU-film technology and are therefore able to withstand high water pressures whilst retaining a high water vapour permeability.
• Satisfies the highest standards for comfort and hygiene
• Eco-friendly, ECO-Passport

Blackout film: added value for manufacturers and users of blackout fabrics
Pontacol blackout films offer a soft textile touch, with crisp whiteness and highly effective darkening. Manufacturers appreciate our blackout films for their ease of use due to our guaranteeing of a uniform coating weight throughout the entirety of the fabric width and length.
• Universally applicable across a wide range of fabrics
• Eco-friendly production method

Product insights “Blackout film”

For when day needs to turn to night – Pontacol blackout film

Pontacol blackout film provides light and sunlight protection for textile applications. Learn more about its attributes.

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Product insights “Membrane film”

Breathable and waterproof – Pontacol membrane films

Pontacol membrane films satisfy the most stringent standards in demanding work environments. Learn more about their attributes.

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