Adhesive films for long-term use
in composite applications.

Composite applications are often exposed to extreme conditions, weather influences and mechanical stresses. The adhesive films specifically developed for composites add performance increases to such applications: they achieve far higher long-term strengths than a conventional adhesive system.

Pontacol adhesive films for the efficient production of aluminium honeycomb panels satisfy the most stringent standards:

  • 3 to 5-fold increase in strength with half the amount of adhesive*
  • High peel strength enables exterior use
  • Permanent weather-resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to untreated metals
  • High impact strength
  • Ideal for use in exposed facades
*) = Test results for matched substrate adhesion and mechanical adhesive performance compared with an epoxy resin system


Pontacol adhesive films for bonding different thermoplastics are able to withstand extremely high loads:

  • High thermal stability during use
  • High responsiveness and flexural strength
  • Suitable for hot environments where high mechanical stresses occur (i.e. sports equipment)

Case study “Adhesive films for aluminium honeycomb panels”

Save on adhesive without sacrificing performance – Pontacol adhesive films.

The adhesive film for aluminium honeycomb panels is particularly suitable for exterior use. It provides extremely high strengths for minimal adhesive quantities. Find out more in our case study.

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Case study “Adhesive films make
the fastest bodyboard”

Fastest bodyboard in a shortened
production time – Pontacol adhesive films.

The adhesive film for combining various thermoplastics is particularly suitable for applications that are subjected to high mechanical stresses.